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We've all seen movies where the character tries to make someone talk using force. In real life we often stumble upon secrets that drive us crazy. Is my son using drugs? What if my employees steal from me? Hooking them to a polygraph is a bit too much, isn’t it? Besides, polygraph tests are at best only 60-80% reliable. Going running around them is time-consuming. Hiring a private investigator is too expensive.

A blind alley? It’s not. Use computer and cell phone tracking software as the only effective and affordable way to uncover the truth. Such software will let you turn computers or smartphones of those you want to monitor into powerful truth verification devices. Through the tracked data about your target computer or smartphone activity, you can determine:

  • whether your subjects hide anything from you
  • how safe they are when you’re not around
  • what troubles them most
  • who they have contacts with
  • what places they visit
  • what they are up to
  • what they visit online

Our cell phone tracking software and computer monitoring solution will help you reveal the truth in any situation while giving you enough information for keeping your family safe, and your business protected. Monitoring your employees and children will yield significant dividends either at once or with the course of time.

mSpy for Phones

mSpy is the most powerful truth-extraction tool is! With this mobile monitoring app, you'll get all the answers in a snap, leaving your kids or employees wondering: How did you find out?

Once installed on the target smartphone or tablet, our mobile tracking app starts monitoring everything, including calls, GPS location, Emails, text messages, chats, photos and videos. It even records calls & phone surroundings, remotely blocks inappropriate websites & apps, prevents unwanted contacts from calling, and much more! This cell phone tracking app will feed your mind with the information you are looking for no matter where you are. mSpy cell phone monitoring software is virtually untraceable, which means that you can track a cell phone, and its user won't notice a thing!

Simply log in to your secure mSpy account from any device that has Internet connection and check the details on the device use captured by our mobile tracking application.

mSpy for Computers

Despite ever-growing smartphone addiction, desktop computers, like cars and shoes and washing machines, are here to stay. It means that the need in computer tracking software isn’t going anywhere. Especially if the computer is yours and you have reasons to think your computer data might be at risk. Get to know how your computer is being used by other people, and you’ll be able to:

  • reduce identity theft risk
  • make sure your family members are safe online
  • put a stop to unwanted behavior
  • check how productive your employees are

mSpy monitoring software can provide you with all the information you could possibly need about a child’s or an employee's computer-related activities. Easy-to-use yet powerful functionality without bells and whistles make mSpy the leading computer monitoring software for both employers and parents. Check each keystroke typed, see captured screenshots, look through the list of apps and programs used on the computer, and get to know how long users were active during each computer session.

Legal Uses of Monitoring Software

How dare you!

This is what computer & cell phone tracking software vendors often hear from people who have a vague idea what it's all about. They think it's disgusting because it's a monitoring thing. They call it stalkerish, nosy and creepy… But do they know that such a cell phone tracker as My Spy (mSpy) saves many kids' lives every day? Do they have any idea how many cyberbullying situations have been stopped due to mSpy?

Children face real risks when left unsupervised. They might make choices that could destroy their future. Getting hooked on drugs or alcohol, being a victim of cyber-bullying, premature sex, reckless behavior… When timely identified by parents, such dangers can be nipped in the bud. Track a cell phone or/and a computer of your kid, and you'll understand the value of being two steps ahead. Is the use of computer & cell phone tracking apps for supervising kids really legal? The answer is an absolute Yes.

What about business owners? mSpy is also driven towards being their prime choice when it comes to computer & mobile monitoring solutions. If you are a business owner who ignores counter-productive activities of employees, then it is highly unlikely you could stay in business. Track a cell phone of each employee, and you'll automatically collect information about how they are performing their job. If someone deserves a bonus, you'll find out. If someone crossed the line into a corporate crime, you'll be in the know. Should you fear legal challenges from your employees for monitoring them with computer & mobile tracking software? No, the law is on your side as long as you:

  1. Notified them about monitoring and got their consent.
  2. Described permissible work-related cell phone use and prohibited inappropriate use.
  3. Keep the monitoring strictly work-related.

Note: Our software is legal only when used for monitoring children or employees. Thinking of using mSpy for getting the evidence of your spouse's infidelity? Without their consent? Think again. This isn't what our software was made for.


mSpy for phones


mSpy for computers

mSpy is a top-tier mobile monitoring application that can log everything from call history, text messages, WhatsApp chats, to keystrokes and emails. It certainly won't leave you wishing that it did more. This product is meant for monitoring versatile online/offline actions of your employees and underage children. Combine that with an intuitive online control panel, round-the-clock customer support, and better than average stealth, and you've got one of the best cell phone monitoring solutions available.

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Bursting with powerful computer monitoring features, including Keylogger, screenshots, and logs of user activity, mSpy for computers is a solid choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective parental control solution or employee monitoring software. It does a good job of laying out the captured data in an intuitive way that makes its use stress-free even for a layman.

Key features

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mSpy in press


Courtney Jones

I realized that I could use this spy software for different purposes: for checking what is going on in my house when I'm not around, for checking the progress and the performance at my workplace, to prevent theft and other bad practice.

Anthony Gassmann

Business owner
Running a big company is not as easy as you might think - you should always keep an eye on your employees so that they don't give publicity to your company's confidential info. mSpy was a perfect choice for me to be in the know.

Jenni Reilly

mSpy seems to be a really useful high-tech invention. In terms of keeping me informed of where my family members are and at the same time, whatever they are up to. Their safety means the world to me. This cell spy rocks! Easy and cheap. thx
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