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No more guessing where your kids are! No more sleepless nights and calling their friends in the dead of night! Check your kids' cell phone real time activity whenever you need remotely!
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Cyberbulling, the main danger for underage children, is mainly carried out by messages and calls. Spy and track SMS messages to protect your kids from the threat. View the content of all sent and received text messages on your target BlackBerry device even if they were instantly deleted by the user. Find out who their senders were and much more!


No BlackBerry monitoring software can do without the call tracking feature. View the time, date, and duration of all incoming/outgoing calls made by your target BlackBerry user. Instantly find out who's behind every single call.


Whenever you need to pinpoint the location of your target BlackBerry, you will be able to do it with mSpy, even when GPS is unavailable. Need to know which routes have been taken by them? As easy as abc.


BlackBerry is an adorable e-toy begging to be fed with emailing all the time. You can bet that your target user pampers their BlackBerry with a lot of emailing! Monitor all e-mail communication of your target.


Multimedia files stored on someone’s mobile might contain the evidence you need. See every photo and watch every video on your target BlackBerry. Don’t let suspicions gnaw at your mind, find out if they are founded with the mSpy BlackBerry tracker.


With mSpy, you can turn your target BlackBerry into a bugging tool. Listen to all conversations carried on around the smartphone to make sure nothing inappropriate goes on. The stuff of James Bond movies at your fingertips.



You can buy our BlackBerry spy right from this website. Select the subscription package that suits your needs and complete the order form. As soon as you make the payment, you'll be sent mSpy installation instructions.

Install and Set Up

After the purchase is successfully completed you need to download mSpy and install it onto the BlackBerry device you wish to track. mSpy installation is a breeze and can be completed in minutes.

Start Tracking

Simply log in to your Control Panel and start tracking text messages, call history, GPS location details, and any other activity taking place on your target BlackBerry.

Why mSpy?

Our BlackBerry monitoring app is the solution you are looking for. Whatever your BlackBerry tracking needs are, mSpy will be able to meet them. There is virtually no activity you can't track with this BlackBerry tracker






They say, Trust your first impression. I wasn’t extremely pleased with my daughter’s new boyfriend who actually turned out to be from the wrong crowd. My little girl, always so neat and polite, started doing strange and utterly indecent things. She became very secretive and we saw no way out of the situation but to install an app on her phone which I called “a boyfriend BlackBerry spy”, jokingly, though seriously, I’ve never thought I’ll have to spy on my own kid one day! Thanks goodness, the app worked!

Desirae Hogue

Monitoring my kids' behavior is only possible when they are at home, or out with me somewhere. Unfortunately, in this day and age, I want a little extra protection and security when it comes to my kids' well-being. So, when my sister suggested that I employ Blackberry spyware, I was shocked (because I considered it an absolute shame and disgrace for me as a parent who wasn’t able to find common language with kids), then intrigued. After looking into how this was possibly, I opted to try it out. It's fantastic, I can monitor who they talk to, where they are at, and even the websites they use, what they talk about. It provides peace of mind, I have it now.

Kimberly McKinnon

I have a number of employees that are issued mobile devices for work purposes. I allow for the random personal call, but they are strictly for work purposes. Still, I cannot control everything. Once, I decided to try BlackBerry spyware my wife (a natural-born businesswoman, by the way!) recommended to me, and it turned out to work great! Having the ability readily available to monitor Blackberry habits allows me to make sure they aren't abusing business devices. I was pleased that with the exception of one individual, my employees don't abuse the privilege of having a company issued phone. I would recommend any business owner do the same.

Arron Satterfield

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