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Embracing the latest innovation in one cell phone tracker

When you feel like your live is spanning out of control, your trust is being abused either at home or work, The mSpy cell phone tracking software comes to the rescue.

Whether you need to monitor text messages, emails, internet activities or track GPS location, mSpy lets you do all this and more.

Being probably one of the most advanced mobile tracking apps available to date, mSpy is equipped with powerful features to help you timely find out the truth and take necessary measures. With mSpy, cell phone tracking becomes a breeze while your identity remains fully hidden from your target.

mSpy, our smart mobile tracker, gets installed in minutes and immediately it starts feeding you the answers you need.

All activity logs are conveniently aggregated in your personal password-protected Control Panel available to you 24/7.

mSpy's advanced mobile tracking features allow you to:

Read call, email logs

Monitor text messages

See Instant Messages/Chats

GPS Tracking

Remotely lock or wipe out the phone

View Web History and Bookmarks

Record calls or restrict calls from a predefined numbers

Block access to apps and websites

and other mobile tracking features

mSpy Protects Your Family

Once you purchase the mSpy tracker you can download it to the target phone and install.

You looked forward to your children growing up but now have found yourself completely baffled by their adolescent escapades. They've become impossible to talk to and spend most of their time on their mobile devices.

You wish you had the magic ability to read your children's minds to understand what's going on in their lives and timely protect them from harm. Our cell phone tracking software is that secret ingredient that gives you the answers you have been looking for while being absolutely invisible on the target device.

Our mobile tracking app allows you to:

  • Always know where your children are by non-intrusively tracking their GPS location.
  • See exactly which websites, programs or applications they have been using and block access to any dangerous or harmful content.
  • Monitor all their communications, including tracking text messages and calls and even recording their surroundings.
  • Access all the information from secured web-based Control Panel.

Learn the truth today!

iPhone tracking

Customer Support

By purchasing mSpy, not only do you buy highly advanced cell phone spy software, you also get 24/7 support from our Customer Service team who will make sure you get the best out of your cell phone tracking experience.

Our mobile tracker is 100% compatible with all major mobile operating systems. It is a true expert in cell phone tracking, is easy to install, easy to use and absolutely impossible to detect.

Let mSpy save your day!