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Please be informed, that some features of mSpy only work on rooted Android phones.
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3 steps to start with mspy
Step 1.

Choose one of three subscriptions (Basic, Premium, and No-jailbreak) and go to the checkout form. Fill it out and submit your order.

Step 2.

Go to your email box. In a welcome letter, you will find your credentials and a link to mSpy Control Panel. If you need assistance with installation, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support.

Step 3.

Log in to the mSpy Control Panel to supervise all activities on your target device. Text messages, call logs, browsing history, GPS location and other activities are available for you.

Customer reviews

I joined mSpy after the social experiment with Coby Person, and it fits the bill. It definitely the must-have tool for all parents.

To me, the Internet is a gateway for abusers to commit different offenses against kids. My children are very small to confront the harsh reality, that's why I use mSpy as it helps me to keep them safe.

I am a single parent and having a tool like mSpy is very handy as I can always check where my kid is even if I work long hours.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but the bloody world of Social Media is perilous to stay indifferent. I use mSpy to restore peace of mind and to keep my kids safe.

Prevention is better than cure, it is a key point why I choose mSpy.











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How To Track My Kid's Android? – Find The Answer In This Post

Modern parents are extremely concerned about the safety of their kids. The matter of concern is the online world and the dangers it poses for the children.

With the popularity of social networks, communication between people became much faster and easier. Children have fun chatting in messengers and exchanging media files with friends. They expose their personal information on their profiles and picture their days in Instagram stories. But children usually don't understand that such transparency is no good for them.

Another thing parents are concerned about is the content their kids are exposed to on the Internet. While browsing, any user can come across offensive ads or dangerous material. Ads in some of the mobile phone games are adult-oriented, but not many parents know their children play that game.

Dangerous content can be found everywhere. But Internet and technology promote early exposure even more. Gaming platforms, adult and malicious websites and other materials of disturbing or damaging content may easily affect kids' mental health.

Parents should stay aware of the possible dangers of the online world to protect their children from harm. Using the Internet together may not be the long-term solution. Applying parental controls may help parents supervise child's use of the World Wide Web. Discover the basic and advanced features of the mSpy – effective parental control solution for all parents.

What Is Android Spy And How To Spy On Mobile Phone Apps?

Android spy is a mobile phone software, which records the activity made on the target phone. All the records are then transferred into online storage, where parents can check and review the activity of their child.

Android spy is a must tool for parents now. It has many advantages, which make the use of them extremely easy even for the non-tech-savvy person. What benefits does mSpy Android spy have?

Distant control

As soon as you create your account on the official website of mSpy, you will have personal Control Panel to monitor the activity logs there. You can log in to your Panel from your laptop any time you like. The information collected by mSpy will appear on the screen. So, you can control your kid's smartphone distantly.

Guided installation

mSpy provides installation guidelines to ensure smooth and trouble-free. Adhere to step-by-step instructions to install the mSpy software on the phone of your kid. If you have any problems, Customer care representatives will help you to set up the application any time.

Background mode

The mSpy app can't be identified on the mobile phone. The software works in the stealth mode and transfers the logs to your Panel hiddenly. The child can't spot the mSpy Android spy on their mobile phone.

Precise GPS locator

mSpy adopts GPS locator to track the location of your kid. The position of the child will be reflected on the accurate map of the area. You will also see where your kid is headed to and can track their route with the help of mSpy.

Internet content filter

With mSpy parents can block the websites they find inappropriate for their children. The software filters all online content to provide access only to safe sources. mSpy will restrict access to the platforms and mobile phone apps, which are dangerous or unsuitable for the child.

Keep reading to find out more features of mSpy.

Start Using The Best Of Android Spy Apps Now

The mSpy app has many monitoring features to provide advanced spying experience to all the parents. All the features are available in three subscription packages.

The Basic subscription covers all essential monitoring options. With the basic package, you can track your child's location, access photo gallery, read text messages, view the list of installed apps and check browsing history.

If you want to go for more options, choose the Premium subscription. It contains social networks spy, apps, websites and incoming calls blocking feature and geo-fencing.

For iPhone users, mSpy has a No-jailbreak package. It requires no installation and features automatic updates. No-jailbreak allows to read text messages, monitor list of installed apps, check call history and much more.

Before purchasing a subscription, you need to get a brief overview of the mSpy features. Here are some advanced monitoring features parents ask for the most.

  1. Incoming calls restrictions - Have you ever wanted to prevent strangers from calling your child? Now, any person can reach anyone by phone. Sometimes kids are contacted not by their friends, but by abusers and predators.

    With mSpy, you can decide who can call your kid. Add the certain phone number to the block list, and the person will be restricted from reaching your child.

  2. Facebook Messenger tracker - Facebook is the perfect space to message friends and stay updated on recent events. But it is also a platform for cyberbullying and sexting. Sometimes, messengers like Facebook aren't safe enough for children, especially for those who are vulnerable and care what others think of them.

    Thus, Facebook messenger tracker from mSpy will come in useful for parents. It allows to check private messages on Facebook and help your child prevent toxic connections on social media.

  3. Contacts list spy - Contacts list makes it effortless to have any person's phone number within easy reach. Some of them are our friends, relatives, colleges, our hairstylists and all the other people important in our lives.

    Your kid also saves the phone numbers of different people. mSpy allows accessing address book of your child to view the numbers stored. So you can always reach your child's friends, even if your kid's mobile phone is off.

  4. Geo-Fencing - GPS location tracking is thought to be the most useful feature of any Android spy. Along with GPS locator, mSpy also covers Geo-Fencing. It allows dividing your area into zones your kid frequently enters, which are also called geofences.

    Once you set the geofences in the mSpy app, the Geo-Fencing feature will be triggered. Every time your child crosses over the geofence, you will receive notification. You will know when they enter or leave school, their friend's home or any other place in your city.

  5. Apps blocking - Playing mobile games and chatting with friends are two the most popular activities among modern children. No wonder, kids spend more time on their phones that they are allowed.

    Use mSpy to improve the productivity of your child and block unnecessary applications on their phone. You can restrict access to certain apps during classes and allow after 3 pm, for example. mSpy helps parents to manage and control the child's phone usage.

  6. Browsing history tracker - Children use the Internet for different purposes. They go online to find information for their school projects, look up some definitions or message friends. And frequently, they get exposed to the adult material, while browsing.

    Checking your kid's browsing history with mSpy you may be sure they won't stumble upon the adult material and unsavory content. You can also restrict access to unsuitable resources on your child's phone.

  7. Keylogging - Keylogger logs all the keys struck on the device's keyboard. It allows to track Android phone and detect what does your child types whether it's coarse language or search for adult material in the browser.

    While some parents install keylogging software on their kid's laptops, it is more useful to get keylogging spyware set up on your child's Android mobile phone. Children use smartphones more than laptops now. That's why spyware will be a more useful tool to try.

Is Android Phone Tracker A Necessary Tool For Parents?

Today's children are much different from the ones ten years ago. They use tablets and smartphones from a very young age and communicate through text messages. Educational institutions apply integrated computers and other technology to help students perceive information better.

Majority of parents buy their young children smartphones. A mobile phone allows parents to stay in touch with kids during the day and make sure they are safe when not home. But, investing in smartphones for their kids, parents also face many difficulties and problems related to the technology.

The essential task to resolve for parents is to decide whether they should or shouldn't supervise their kid's use of mobile phones. Although many of us avoid controlling relationship between children and technology, it is not always a right choice. Giving your child unlimited digital freedom, may lead to dangerous consequences, like exposure to inappropriate material and cyberbullying.

That's why an Android spy is an essential tool. It doesn't help parents to control kids, but do assist in creating a safer digital environment for the child. Look through the list of reasons why you should start using Android spying software now:

  1. Online security - With the rise of technology, such phenomena as cybercrime have become a widely known word. People earn billions of pounds stealing important data from inexperienced users of the World Wide Web.

    Children aren't aware of the risks they take when exposing their personal details online. They freely disclose their mobile phone number on social media and share valuable information with strangers through instant messengers.

    Teaching your kids to obey the rules of online safety and applying parental control you can minimize the risks of data exposure.

  2. Productivity - Many children are addicted to their smartphones. They install dozens of games to play during breaks at school. When not playing games, they are chatting and sharing images with friends on social media.

    Such attachment to the mobile phone results in poor eyesight, lack of social skills and a significant decrease in physical activity in kids. Time management is an unknown phrase for them. Screen time restrictions will set some limits and help to develop a wise time management strategy to control the amount of time spent staring at the phone screen.

  3. Positive online image - Sharing posts and photos on social media is a fun way to show your friends snippets of your day. But many of us get judged by the pictures we share on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks. Children may not understand the responsibility for the content they exchange. They are not ashamed to expose disturbing images of themselves.

    The problem is, many people pay attention to the online image of a person. Representatives of colleges, companies and other institutions may look through the social media accounts of the potential participants to choose the appropriate candidate. Often, kids who have provocative posts/pictures exposed on their social media pages lose the fight to those who have a more positive online image.

  4. Cybersafety - The online environment became commonplace for cyberbullying and harassment. Older kids keep bullying the younger ones staying anonymous on social media. Abuse cases are also widespread in instant messengers and online platforms.

    Without parental supervision, the child can easily get hurt online or bully someone weaker then they are. It's essential for parents to know how to prevent cyberbullying cases and protect their child from its negative consequences.

Android spy allows dealing with all the problems described above and even more. With effective parental control, you can not only supervise your child's online activities but also manage their offline safety. GPS tracker and geofencing can help you stay aware of the location of your child to come and protect them in case of emergencies.

Start Using Free Android Spy Now

Android Spy is a free tool, which will bring considerable ease in every parent's life. It doesn't require a daily fee based on the features you use during a day. The only thing you need to start using Android phone tracker is to subscribe to mSpy.

Investing into one subscription package, you will receive an extensive choice of monitoring options to try out. You will be granted unlimited access to your child's mobile phone.

mSpy runs on almost every Android mobile phone. But you need to ensure the mSpy software is 100% compatible with the phone's model you intend to monitor. Go to the compatibility page to do that. Here type your model number and click on the magnifier sign.

Many users don't know how to find out the phone's model of the mobile device. Here how to do that if the device to be monitored is Android:

  1. Check the box of the phone - This step is rather obvious, but many users somehow forget to examine the boxes of their smartphones to find the model number. The number is usually imprinted on the small white sticker. If there isn't such a thing and it seems to be ripped off, try the next step.

  2. Examine phone's settings - Every Android phone's settings contain information on the precise model number of the device. Go to the Settings and scroll down to find "About phone." Tap to find out the devices' name here.
  3. Identify the Bluetooth name - You can also check the model's number by connecting to another smartphone via Bluetooth. Initially, the Bluetooth name will be the same as the phone's model. So use another device with turned on Bluetooth to identify the model's number of your mobile phone.
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