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mAssistance Tech Support

Everyone needs a tech guru in their life. mAssistance is yours. From installation to monitoring to virtually anything else, mAssistance is always ready to handle any tech issue for you, completely remotely.

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mAssistance is the tech hero you didn’t know you needed

We designed mSpy to be simple. But sometimes you need a little help along the way. That’s where mAssistance comes in. It’s priority access to the top tech experts, standing by to help with whatever you need.

Got an issue? Contact us and we’ll help you remotely

We’re here 24/7 to help you figure things out

Get help with device setup or any other issue

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Get Help Monitoring
Their Phone

We can help you install mSpy remotely using TeamViewer. Just sit back and relax while mAssistance expert does all the work for you.

Need to jailbreak their iPhone or root their Android? Don't follow this path alone. It’s a complex process that could brick your phone. And if you’re not sure what “brick your phone” means, you definitely need mAssistance.

Got a new device and need to reinstall mSpy? It’s a piece of cake with mAssistance. Contact us via Live chat 24/7.

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Optimize Your Own Phone

Worried about spy apps on your own phone? An mAssistance expert can check for them and then remove them, so you don’t have to worry about someone monitoring you who shouldn’t be.

Slow phone? Let an mAssistance agent optimize it and get it working like new. When they’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve just upgraded to a brand-new iPhone or Android.

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Get started with mAssistance in 3 easy steps

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Buy mSpy (pick the plan of your choice)
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Add mAssistance to your subscription
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Schedule a session with our Tech expert
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Already using mSpy?
Add mAssistance.

You already rely on mSpy to keep them safe. So why not rely on mAssistance to make sure you always have perfect monitoring when you need it?

mAssistance can help you optimize your own phone, check for spy apps, and more. And as new monitoring features are added, you’ll have mAssistance in your corner to help you get the most out of them.

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Already have mAssistance?

You’re now good to go with a simple device setup, schedule the session with our tech expert, sit back and relax.

Get help, whenever you need it

Don’t go it alone. Put an expert in your corner with mAssistance.


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Tech experts
standing by

20 Minutes

To resolve any issue with mSpy or your phone

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