Track Sent And Received Text Messages Of Your Child With mSpy

Read all text messages on the kid’s phone with mSpy

  • Monitor sent, received and deleted text messages
  • Track WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and other messaging apps
  • Discover kid’s whereabouts with real-time location tracking
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Around the clock customer support


Read both sent and received text messages on the phone of your child. mSpy allows you to monitor all the messages distantly. Access your Control Panel to view kid’s activity, deleted messages including.


Check out what media files your child shares. Track their MMS and find out who they communicate with when you aren’t around. Please note, this feature is only available on Android devices only.

Why should you monitor kid’s texts?

Children prefer texting over calling their friends. By monitoring their text messages, especially the deleted ones, you can prevent your child from texting with fake friends and sharing personal data with suspicious strangers.

Please be informed that some advanced mSpy features require rooting target Android device.

Need more flexibility? Review 25+ cool features:
How does mSpy work?
1.Purchase mSpy app

Choose the most appropriate package depending on your needs. Then fill out the billing information. When your payment is confirmed, go to your email box for further instructions.

Installation of the Application

Follow the installation guide sent to your email. The installation process will take several minutes. In case you have questions or need any assistance, our free customer support is available 24/7.

3.Start tracking

As soon as you completed the installation process, you will be able to spy on text messages, social media messengers, track GPS location, view browser history and use other 25 features.

Customer reviews

I joined mSpy after the social experiment with Coby Person, and it fits the bill. It definitely the must-have tool for all parents.

To me, the Internet is a gateway for abusers to commit different offenses against kids. My children are very small to confront the harsh reality, that's why I use mSpy as it helps me to keep them safe.

I am a single parent and having a tool like mSpy is very handy as I can always check where my kid is even if I work long hours.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but the bloody world of Social Media is perilous to stay indifferent. I use mSpy to restore peace of mind and to keep my kids safe.

Prevention is better than cure, it is a key point why I choose mSpy.











You Can Start Tracking SMS Messages Today

How To Read Text Messages On Kid’s Mobile Phone?

The 21st-century living bring people a lot of digital trends and useful gadgets. Now we all use smartphones to contact our family and friends, and even the small kids get mobile phones for their 5th birthday.

Smartphones help children stay in touch with their parents during the day. Mobile phones also help kids to search for information and communicate with friends. Although there are many other benefits the technology and gadgets bring, one can’t deny the online threats the children are often exposed to. Cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate content – there are many negative things on the internet.

Parents need to monitor and control their kid's online activity from the moment their child starts using a mobile phone. With the help of mobile tracking apps, it is easy for parents to stay updated on the activity of their kids. Learn how to use mSpy to control kid’s device use and filter online content.

Install And Set Up The mSpy App - №1 Monitoring Software

To start monitoring text messages of your kid, you need to install the mSpy app on their smartphone. Purchase the subscription package and check your e-mail for the welcome letter. The letter will contain a link and your personal login credentials to your web-based Control Panel.

Enter your Panel and bring your kid’s Android device to install the tracking app on. Follow the installation instructions provided in your Control Panel to set up the app quickly. Once you completed the setup, the mSpy app will start logging activity on the mobile phone.

To view the activity logs, log in to your Panel once again. The text messages will be available in the list of features on the left.

For iOS monitoring, installation is not required. If you have iCloud credentials of your kid’s device, you only need to enable iCloud backup and link your mSpy account with the target device. The process is straightforward; you will find detailed instructions in your Panel. Customer Support will help you during the process.

Monitor Up To 3 Devices Simultaneously With Family Kit

mSpy is not only a solution for single-child families. For the parents of two and three kids, there is a Family Kit, which allows you to monitor up to 3 mobile phones at the same time. To start tracking three mobile phones, you need to choose the Family Kit plan and submit your order. Further instructions will be sent to your e-mail.

Family Kit covers all the advanced features of mSpy. Here are some of the most requested ones:

  • Keylogger - Captures text messages and all other keystrokes on the kid's smartphone.
  • GPS locator - Allows you to track kid’s real-time location and access locations history.
  • Geo-fencing - Sends alerts when the child enters or leaves the pre-defined geofence.
  • WhatsApp tracker - Monitors kid’s conversations on WhatsApp and view all chats in other messaging apps.
  • Incoming calls blocking - mSpy blocks any phone number from calling your child and monitors calls history.

Except for the above-mentioned, mSpy has other features, which will help you stay informed about your kid’s activity. With a user-friendly interface and straightforward installation, you can enjoy all the benefits of mSpy. Keep reading to find out what else can mSpy offer you.

Benefits Of mSpy SMS Tracking App

  • 100% undetectable - The mSpy app works in the stealth mode and can’t be found on the target device. You can read all the text messages of your child staying undetectable.
  • Available worldwide - If your child is going on a trip abroad, you can still monitor their text messages with mSpy. Just enter your Panel to check the activity logs.
  • 24/7 Customer Support - Our multi-language Customer Support works around the clock to help you in case any issues appear.
  • Quick and easy installation - Installation and setup of the mSpy app will take only 5 minutes of your time. Go to your Control Panel for detailed guidelines and contact Customer Support if you need assistance.

Using these and other useful mSpy features, you can protect your child from sexting, cyberbullying and negativity. Monitor your kid’s text messages remotely and find out more about their friends and the things they share.

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