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The web developers achieved massive success in creating user-friendly software, that makes our lives much more comfortable. Mobile applications help us communicate with friends, manage our productivity, meet new people and perform all tasks timely. But with all the benefits, many of the apps are no good for kids.

Social networks, gaming platforms, and dating apps are mainly designed for adult users. Though, children are the active users of the mentioned software. They start being absorbed in the online world, and can even put themselves at safety risks.

What can parents do to protect their kids? Apart from teaching your child to use technology the wise way you need to supervise their Internet usage. Applying the mSpy app to control your child's activity, you can be sure your kid is safe on- and offline.

How To Start Monitoring Your Child's Activity With mSpy?

Even non-tech-savvy parents can monitor their kid's mobile phones with mSpy. The software is easy to install and set up. So how does mSpy work on iPhone and Android devices?

You need to choose the preferred subscription package. Each subscription package contains a set of features, which help to monitor different types of activity. Look through the description of each package to choose one suitable for you.


This type of subscription covers essential monitoring options. The basic package is excellent for you if you want to try out mSpy and view your kid's contacts list, text messages and website history. Basic subscription doesn't feature advanced monitoring options, but it does include 24/7 support.


The premium package is designed for an enhanced monitoring experience. It contains social media and instant messengers tracker, geofencing, installed apps blocking feature and more options to collect all the activity logs. Premium subscription is your perfect choice if you want to get full access to your child's mobile phone.


No-jailbreak subscription is the suitable option for iPhone monitoring. It allows tracking all essential activities and requires no installation of the mSpy app. Automatic updates of the software, featured in the package, will help to reach the most out of the mSpy app.

Once you subscribed, you can proceed to install and customize the mSpy app on the target smartphone. You won't be on your own with the installation. As soon as you purchase the subscription, you will receive an e-mail with your login credentials and link to the Control Panel. Log in to the Panel to see the installation guidelines.

Install the app on the target phone adhering to guidelines provided. If you are still unsure whether the installation is done the right way, you can always contact our customer support for additional help.

If installation and setup are complete, the software will start logging the activity performed on the target mobile phone. mSpy will copy all the information found on the phone to your mSpy Control Panel. Then you can check the logs remotely, once logged in to your account.

Make sure the target phone has an Internet connection. The mSpy app can transfer the collected logs only if the mobile phone is connected to the Internet. In case, it's temporarily disconnected, the activity will be updated as soon as the connection is reestablished.

What Features Does mSpy Offers?

Offering different monitoring options, mSpy helps parents protect their kids' from online hazards. What exactly does mSpy allow to track?

Private messages and chats

The possibility to exchange short messages instantly is the reason why social media networks are so popular. Indeed, communication through texts is exceptionally convenient and inexpensive way of staying in touch with someone. Unfortunately, not only friends and relatives are the people children text the most.

Sometimes, kids are contacted by people they don't know in person. Some of them may not be the right people for your kids to be friends with. Checking your kid's text messages as well as chats on social media with mSpy, you can nip the dangerous connections in the bud.

Contacts and calls

Another common way to reach the person is to call on their mobile phone. In fact, this type of communication had existed long before instant messengers were invented. Now, our social media accounts already disclose our phone numbers, so there is no difficulty to call any person.

But, kids are at significant risk of being reached by predators, abusers, bullies, and other hazardous individuals. mSpy imposes incoming calls restrictions to allow parents to add specific phone numbers to the blacklist. Moreover, you can check your kid's contacts list distantly and find out whose numbers they save.

Current location

mSpy is not only a useful online activity tracker but also an offline activity monitoring solution. The app tracks the current location of the kid and displays it on the precise map of your area.

If you don't have time to check where your kid is, you can use geofencing to get notified where your child visits or leaves the specific place. For example, you can set geofence for school to find out when exactly does your child enter or leave the school premises.

Photos and videos

Would you like to have insights into your child's photo gallery? Many parents want to examine pictures and videos their kids store on their phones to give a sneak peek of what do they do when parents aren't around.

mSpy provides users with access to kid's photo gallery to see the pictures were taken/stored and video previews. Checking the contents of your child's mobile phone with mSpy you can spot some exciting details hidden from your eye before.

Browser history

All the information children search for, and the websites they visit can be seen in the browser history. You can check it to find what did your child googled for and what websites did they save to bookmarks. All this and more will be provided by the mSpy app.

You can protect your child from exposure to inappropriate material with mSpy. The app allows you to block the unsuitable for your kid sources. By adding a website to blacklist, you will restrict access to from the mobile phone browser of the child.

Installed apps

Finding out what apps does your kid install on their phone will help you understand their needs and interests better. The good news is you can view the list of installed apps without touching their mobile phone. mSpy shows what applications does the child keep on the device.

Moreover, using mSpy, you are able to block some apps and control your kid's smartphone use. mSpy allows to restrict access to certain apps during school- and nighttime. Customize the restrictions and allow your kid to chat on Snapchat only during their spare time.

mSpy isn't only limited to the feature described above. The software covers other monitoring options to reflect your kid's overall mobile phone activity. Choose the subscription preferred, taking notice of the features included in each package.

3 steps to start with mspy
Step 1.

Choose one of three subscriptions (Basic, Premium, and No-jailbreak) and go to the checkout form. Fill it out and submit your order.

Step 2.

Go to your email box. In a welcome letter, you will find your credentials and a link to mSpy Control Panel. If you need assistance with installation, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support.

Step 3.

Log in to the mSpy Control Panel to supervise all activities on your target device. Text messages, call logs, browsing history, GPS location and other activities are available for you.

Start monitoring now

How Can mSpy Help Parents?

A parental control app is now a necessary tool for every parent. Why? Because it allows controlling your child's online activity, overall well-being, and offline safety.

As a parent, you may be acquainted with such phenomenon as cyberbullying, online harassment and child abuse. With the popularity of technology and social media, it became easier for anyone to reach a child and hurt them.

Many kids from around the world suffer from negativity, constant fear of missing out and anxiety caused by social media. They don't know who they should be so they easily give in to pressure. That's why many children fall victims to cyberbullying and other dangerous forms of online harassment.

How to recognize that your child is not okay? Some certain signs can help you detect that your child deals with difficult things.

Lack of appetite and sleep

Eating and sleeping disorders are usually the first symptoms of stress and pressure. If you see that your kid suffers from unexpected eating or sleeping disorders, there might be something wrong.

Loss of old friends

Some kids may outgrow their friends. Losing all the connections all of a sudden may affect the child's behavior and mood. Parents should find out the reasons why friends neglect their kid.

Bad habits

Once the child takes up a bad habit, it may prove that the kid falls under the influence of others. Smoking and taking substances may be caused by pressure and the desire to be cool enough.

Teaching your child how to respond to bullies and strangers, is essential. But it doesn't always help them to overcome fears and stand up for themselves. Once the child is with the parents, they feel safe and confident. But once left alone, they stop being adamant and start putting themselves at risk of being mocked and pressured by others.

By applying mSpy parental control software, you can be sure that your kid doesn't hang out with the wrong crowd. Check their messages to assure their environment lacks toxic and dangerous people.

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