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mSpy Features for the Best Monitoring Experience

mSpy is a powerful monitoring tool that shows just about anything on their phone. Once you try it, you can’t do without it anymore.

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Real Reviews from Satisfied mSpy Customers

We love hearing stories about how mSpy has helped real people discover the truth and sleep a little easier. Here are some of our favorites.


mSpy Is Compatible with iOS & Android

mSpy works on both operating systems. This means you can use it on almost any device of your choice.

Before exploring monitoring features, ensure the targeted device is functional and you’re aware of all mSpy’s work specifics.

  • Physical access or iCloud credentials required
  • Jailbreak solution gives access to more features
  • Ability to install the Lite version on the App Store
  • App’s icon stays hidden
  • Physical access required
  • Needs to be downloaded on the targeted phone
  • Allows social media monitoring without rooting
  • App’s icon stays hidden
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Get the power of the new-age monitoring features with mSpy!

Let mSpy keep you tuned in to your loved one’s online activity.

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