View Text Messages From Another Phone

Get insights into text messages your kid sends and receives. Find out who they text with the most and prevent interaction with strangers and bullies with the mSpy app.

Read Someone's Text Messages With mSpy app -
Read Someone's Text Messages With mSpy app -
  • Examine sent, received and deleted messagesInstalling the mSpy app on your child's mobile phone, you will ensure constant access to their messages. The app will retrieve the deleted text messages to show the things your child hides. Check conversations distantly and analyze the content concealed in each message.
  • Discover the sender's numberThe mSpy software provides the content of each message including the sender's or receiver's phone number. Discovering the phone numbers of the person, you can call them and check their identity. mSpy will help you ensure your kid interacts only with their friends.
  • Check timestamp of every messagemSpy collects the details of every text message. By viewing the details, you will find out what time of the day your child prefers to text. You can also analyze the conversations threading of your child and the interlocutor.
Read Someone's Text Messages With mSpy app -
compatible with:
  • iOS – Jailbreak and Non-jailbreak
  • Android 4.0+
Available in:
  • Basic package

    Contains the most needed features for reliable monitoring. GPS location, text messages, call logs, browser history, and other features are included. Learn more

  • Premium package & No-Jailbreak

    Covers the most valued features providing with the advanced monitoring solution. Instant messengers monitoring, keylogger, geo-fencing, and other features are available. Learn more

Why will you find this feature useful?

Texts messages are a fast and cheap method of interactions between people. Not surprisingly, the majority of children prefer this method of communication. But once a fun way to stay connected with friends, now texting has turned into sexting.

With mSpy, parents have a chance to examine text messages of their kids and prevent sexting as soon as possible. Providing details on each message, the mSpy app helps to detect who exactly sends the texts to your child.

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of teens who own mobile phones text regularly

How does mSpy work?
Buy mSpy

Decide on the subscription package, which is suitable for you. Fill in the fields to create your account and process the payment. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a welcome e-mail from mSpy. The letter will contain your login credentials and link to the Control Panel.

Install and Set Up

Find the installation guidelines in your Panel and follow them to install and customize the app on the target mobile phone. Physical access to the phone is required to complete the installation.Please note that the advanced features of mSpy only work on the rooted mobile phone.

Start Tracking

Enter the Control Panel using your login and password. You will get distant access to all sent, received and deleted texts once logged in.

Customer reviews

I joined mSpy after the social experiment with Coby Person, and it fits the bill. It definitely the must-have tool for all parents.

To me, the Internet is a gateway for abusers to commit different offenses against kids. My children are very small to confront the harsh reality, that's why I use mSpy as it helps me to keep them safe.

I am a single parent and having a tool like mSpy is very handy as I can always check where my kid is even if I work long hours.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but the bloody world of Social Media is perilous to stay indifferent. I use mSpy to restore peace of mind and to keep my kids safe.

Prevention is better than cure, it is a key point why I choose mSpy.











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How To Track Text Messages From Another Phone With mSpy

Children now use almost all methods of communications. They are active users of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. But new ways of keeping in touch, don't replace the usual method of interactions, which is SMS.

They send quick text messages to their parents, friends, classmates and sometimes even people they don't know in person. And the latest sometimes pose a significant danger to your child's safety.

Children can easily fall victim to sexting. Kids may not recognize the sexually explicit messages from the beginning, but when they do, they don't know how to deal with sexting. That's why most of the children need parental supervision.

With modern tools, such as mSpy, parents can get a closer look at their kid's text messages. Find out how to track text messages from another phone with mSpy now.

Do Parents Need To Spy On Text Messages Of Their Kids?

Children don't always understand that what they share with others people in private messages can't be 100% anonymous. Even if the text message was sent to one person, once it's delivered it can't be retrieved. Other users may also read it if the screenshots of the conversations are exposed on the Internet. And sometimes the information they share can turn against them.

If a questionable text message of your kid becomes available for everyone to read on the Internet, your child may suffer from embarrassment or distress. You can't predict how your kid would react to their messages exposed, but even for an adult, it's difficult to stay calm when your text messages go public.

Inappropriate behavior in text messages exposed online may bring biased judgments and attitude towards a child. Kids are sometimes heartless, and they don't stop mocking the child, who once slips up.

Tell your child about all the possible consequences of sexting. Explain why sharing personal data with questionable friends may be not the right choice. You can find examples of text messages of other kids exposed on the Internet earlier to prove your point and assure your kid that texts are not always private as they think it is.

Also, start using useful parental control app, which allows texting tracking. By viewing your child's sent and received text messages, you can prevent communication with suspicious people and prevent your kid's data exposure. mSpy will help you understand how to get text messages from another phone without leaving any evidence.

View Your Child's Text Messages Distantly

Many parents always try to get a sneak peek of their child's texts by secretly taking their phone. This method isn't an effective one though. Kids often set the lock screen preventing someone else, except them, obtaining access to their mobile phones.

Parental control software is the effective way of spying. It doesn't require a lot of space on the mobile phone and is easy to use. mSpy is a perfect example of such software. The app works distantly, so parents are not required to be near the target mobile phone all the time.

How to start viewing your child's text messages?

Your first step will be the installation of the software on the target phone. Installation requires physical access to the device, but it doesn't take more than 3 minutes. You will be provided with installation guidelines.

Right after the installation, you will need to hide the mSpy app icon from the menu of the phone. So, your child won't detect the software. Then you can proceed to spy on received and sent text messages.

The mSpy software works in background mode transferring the obtained data to your Control Panel. Log in to your Panel to check the activity logs. Here you can read all messages, discover phone numbers of the sender/receiver of each text and find out the time and date of the message sent/received.

You can view the recorded activity any time. mSpy doesn't delete the logs, so you will be able to check them later if you want so.

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