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mSpy Reseller Program

For Software Distributors and Private Entrepreneurs


We offer flexible rates and margins for our partners, depending on the order volume.

50+ licenses
Reseller Program | mSpy
25+ licenses
Reseller Program | mSpy
5+ licenses
Reseller Program | mSpy
what is mspy?

mSpy is a leading parental control app for smartphones that allows parents to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp and much more. We have been an active market player for over 8 years, covering both Android (Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).








We see resellers as our sales team members in the field. You will have recognizable brand to sell, a comprehensive set of tools to use in promotion and a strong company to support you in every way possible.

Stock Up

Purchase a desired number of lisences at a volume-based discount rate.

Sell Out

Sell the product via your distribution channel with the help of our promo materials.


Estimate results, plan ahead and invest in your next volume with a higher margin.

Reseller Program | mSpy

Is your business located in US?
Do you have offline or online retails points and logistics to deliver goods to your clients?
Do you want to be a provider of complete out-of-the-box monitoring solutions, including phones themselves?
We have a solution for you - contact our partner and choose the desired SKUs for your store.

Reseller Program | mSpy

Are you an affiliate marketer, used to promoting products online?
Or do you have blog or niche site where you'd like to feature mSpy products?
In that case you are welcome to join mSpy Affiliate Program.

1. How can I become a reseller for mSpy?
All you need to do is to carefully fill in a reseller application. After it is reviewed and approved, we will agree on your initial order and send you an invoice. As as the invoice is paid, we will provide you with the licenses.
2. What is the minimum number of licenses in the order?
We accecpt reseller orders with at least 5 licensces included. The more iterms are in the order, the higher marging we can provide you with.
3. Which of mSpy products can I distribute as a reseller?
Resellers can distribute 1-month and 12-months subscriptions of mSpy Basic and mSpy Premium products (for phones & tablets).
4. Do I have to sell mSpy licenses under my own brand, or may I use "mSpy"?
mSpy is the most powerfull brand in the phone monitoring market - which a powerfull tool in arousing customers trust and prompting the to make a purchase. We are happy to share our brand strength with our partners and resellers, so they they don't have to carry extra cost creating an unfamiliar no-name brand.
5. Do I have to provide customer service after the sale?
Not at all. mSpy has a 24/7 support line via Phone, Email and Online Chat. We tend to all our customers' needs directly, allowing our resellers to focus on what they do best - sales.

Become an mSpy software reseller today and bring our powerful, margin-attractive products into you local and industry-specific markets.


If you have any questions that are not covered in this guide, wish to approve the partnership terms in advance or have another business venture in mind - you are welcome to contact our Business Development Team: