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View the textual content

Read what exactly your child writes to someone and vice versa. Use the mSpy Kik Tracker to know their social circle and the way they interact with others. Learn the very nature of your child's communication. Get insights and be informed if things are getting abnormal.

Monitor the details that matter

With the Kik monitoring feature, you can get to know specific information that might be crucial for you as a parent. You'll learn whether your child was doing what they were supposed to, or wasting time in Kik at the lesson. Find out whether the communication there is safe and no personal data is sent.

Why would you need to monitor Kik Messenger?

Like any other messenger, Kik is popular among youngsters. It is potentially a channel for child abusers to get in touch with children. Thus, it's another customized feature allowing to protect children online, including monitoring instant messengers like Kik. Be on the lookout of your kid's safety.

Note! mSpy Kik tracker requires rooting of your Android device.

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How to start using the Kik monitoring app?
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Select the most suitable package and subscription plan. After making the payment, check out your email box - mSpy has already sent you a welcome letter with the link to the Control Panel.

Install & Setup

Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard of the Control Panel. The installation is easy and takes a few minutes. If you face technical issues, feel free to contact the Customer Care Service, available around-the-clock.

Start Tracking

Log in your mSpy account that was created right after your payment and provided in a welcome letter. You'll see the Control Panel with the list of feature to monitor. Find Kik and start viewing messages.

Customer reviews

I joined mSpy after the social experiment with Coby Person, and it fits the bill. It definitely the must-have tool for all parents.

To me, the Internet is a gateway for abusers to commit different offenses against kids. My children are very small to confront the harsh reality, that's why I use mSpy as it helps me to keep them safe.

I am a single parent and having a tool like mSpy is very handy as I can always check where my kid is even if I work long hours.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but the bloody world of Social Media is perilous to stay indifferent. I use mSpy to restore peace of mind and to keep my kids safe.

Prevention is better than cure, it is a key point why I choose mSpy.











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Learn how to spy on text messages of your child in Kik

If you wonder how to spy on Kik to protect your child, you probably suggest that it will be super hard. You don't have to sneak around to grab your child's phone. You can spy on Kik messages with mSpy. When accessing the Control Panel, you have the entire list of features to look through. Kik is there as well. So, after clicking on it, you'll see the texts. The program enables you to pick a concrete date of the last Kik message you'd like to view.

The feature is available in all the packages. Thus, by starting with Basic, you'll understand if it works for you in general; Premium will expand your monitoring possibilities since it provides other 29 monitoring features; no-jailbreak will be helpful if you want to spy Kik on an iPhone.

Among Kik spy tools, mSpy is considered reliable, safe, and private. Any information, delivered to the Control Panel stays secured and known only to a user.

As an application, Kik Messenger can be blocked - another powerful asset of the mSpy app. Parents are enabled to regulate the chatting via Kik by restricting access to it. So, if they don't approve some talk and the relationship with someone, they have all the chances to prohibit it practically by blocking it on the Control Panel.

Why parents should spy on text messages?

Kik created the ecosystem of devoted users around the globe. It grew into a compelling messenger. Nowadays, it contains about 240 million users and is considered one of the most popular messaging apps for youngsters. The flip side is its status of the go-to chat service for illegal trades and sharing an adult content. In light of such realities, using mSpy as the Kik spy app becomes essential.

People lean on usernames instead of phone numbers to message each other. This way, the number of usernames can be unlimited. Although it's a texting alternative, it's also a perfect application for people whose privacy is paramount for their business.

Since there's no need to use a phone number, people are getting involved in affairs easily. Unfortunately, parents cannot assure a 100% safety of kids who use Kik Messenger. Respectively, they need Kik spy software.

A Kik user shared her story of how she tweeted her username on Twitter to let people know she was into the subject but later regretted it. Once she's done it, she got two messages with the pictures of men's genitals. She deleted the tweet and the username. After a while, she realized that the kind of tweet she had used naively was also used to engage into sexting. In other words, the hashtag the Kik user tweeted was the one that was constantly used to exchange nudity and porn content. In a nutshell, this case shows how easy for strangers to reach out to anybody in Kik, including children.

As it was mentioned above, Kik is used for sharing an adult content. Moreover, while other instant messengers allow tracking people involved in the communication, users of this one can stay anonymous. Therefore, using the Kik spy tool for an Android or iPhone is a must.

Learn how to spy on Kik messages of a target Android device

Before delving into another angle of why parents should spy on Kik messages, let's remind that caregivers can use mSpy as the Kik Messenger spy app for Android devices. To do it, they need to purchase any of the two prominent packages and select a subscription plan. mSpy recommends buying the Premium one since it contains all the features and, thus, gives the whole picture of how a kid uses the Internet.

When tackling the subject of Kik Messenger monitoring, it's important to mention that the application is widely used for leading transactions, trading substances since no identifying information is required. The policy of Kik Messenger says that the textual content is stored exclusively on the device and the company has no access to it, except law enforcement upon request. So, drug dealers use it as a channel to market the products.

On the Internet, some forums spread the idea of the cannabis lifestyle. They encourage people to use Kik instead of a traditional text messaging. First, drug dealers post "their products" on Instagram and then ask the audience to connect via Kik. Children can post hashtags randomly and once be hit by a drug dealer or even a mate who thinks that smoking is an innocent occupation that helps chill out. That's why the Kik Messenger spy app might come in handy.

For the record, the company is aware that the platform is used for the drug distribution and is a channel for sexters, but it doesn't take any tangible measures. The monetization of the app is the company's highest priority. The Kik's team understands that teenagers grow up in a mobile-oriented environment. They will want to use platforms not just for texting but quick interactions (shopping, booking, consulting, etc.). So, there's a perspective for Kik to grow into a large marketplace. But, whatever the potential is, there's always a risk of your child to be involved in dangerous practices simply because of the nature of the messenger itself. That way, to get to know the core of the communication via Kik, parents should turn to spy tools for Kik, which mSpy is.

Get to know how to spy on Kik messages of an iPhone

The feature is available for iPhone owners. They can pick Basic, Premium, and No-jailbreak package. The latter is worked out specifically for iOS devices. It has some particular requirements, but the good news is that it doesn't require jailbreaking. That way, your mobile phone stays safe and obedient to all of Apple's guidelines.

mSpy deepens into the subject and provides more powerful reasons why caregivers and child guardians should use the mSpy app to spy on Kik. It actually welcomes all kinds of chatters. Some people benefit from the careless content policies to scale up businesses usually lead via text or in-person. There are forums created explicitly for making people connected via Kik. Normally, their target audience is a young demographic of mobile app users. This opens the door to child abusers, cyberbullies, and other perverts.

The dangerous nature of Kik is well-known: parents cannot see whom their child is texting, and people behind might be simply lying. There was a notorious case, which went viral worldwide, with a sex offender who described the methods people could use to reach out to children with fake identification. Also, there were multiple cases of sex solicitation when men targeted young girls via the app. To make it short, Kik is often mentioned when it's about cyberbullying, child grooming, stalking due to its unpoliced content nature.

Parents have no choice by monitoring Kik Messenger on their own. They cannot and shouldn't rely on the kids' understanding of things, the company's restrictions, or any other third factor. Parents should take the whole online activity into their proper hands and strive to exclude any chance for an abuser to reach out to sons and daughters. This is why using mSpy as a mobile spy app for Kik is that crucial.

To conclude with the subject of the Kik spy app, mSpy encourages parents to ask themselves: are you 100% sure your child is safe online? If yes, check it with the mSpy Kik spy app.

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