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Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we’ve reached the limit of free trial requests, and the trial is currently unavailable. Meanwhile, you can check out our latest discount offers. There might be one perfect for you!

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Know & Prevent With mSpy, the Top Free Phone Tracker

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Set Up Remote Monitoring Easily

Get up and running with mSpy in less than 10 minutes and begin monitoring your target device from your Control Panel.

All Data Is Encrypted & Protected

mSpy uses bank-grade encryption protocols to ensure you’re the only one who can access your private data.

Works on iPhone and Android

The mSpy free download file is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including many older models.

Monitoring Features to Put Your Mind at Ease

Try out the top phone tracking software features.

Monitoring Social Apps

With the mSpy free trial, you can find out who your child is talking to on the Internet and protect them from cyberbullies and online predators. mSpy lets you keep tabs of their chats on Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Snapchat, and other popular messaging apps.

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Capture every keystroke they make on their device, including in web browsers, login forms, notes, messaging apps, calendar apps, and so much more. Yes, the mSpy free download really lets you do all that.

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Free GPS Phone Tracker

Find out where they are with GPS tracking and know whenever they arrive and leave with geo-fencing. You can even set location restrictions and get notified when they’ve entered a restricted zone.


What the mSpy Free Phone Tracker App Gives You

Call Logs
Facebook Messenger
Current GPS Location
Installed Applications
Saved Media
Browsing History
Blocking Websites
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Trusted for Security & Reliability

Over 1.5 million satisfied users worldwide continue to choose mSpy. Here’s why:

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“mSpy is close to being the best parental control app available worldwide, which is specially designed for guardians and parents to monitor their kids’ online activities and control them before they become the victims of online harassment.”


mSpy Free Mobile Tracker FAQs

Got questions about free phone tracking?
Browse our FAQs or contact mSpy Customer Support.

How long is the mSpy’s free trial?

Unfortunately, mSpy’s free phone tracker is currently unavailable as we have reached the limits of free trial requests. You can sign up now and get any plan with a 30% discount, or subscribe to our newsletters to get notified when the free trial resumes.

How can I track a phone for free?

There is quite a plethora of free cell phone tracker apps online. However, most of them turn out to be frauds or even virus carriers. Instead, to avoid getting scammed online, you can use paid software like mSpy and just choose the cheapest or shortest subscription offer. If you are satisfied with the app’s functionality, you can opt for a longer subscription.

How does free cell phone tracking work?

Once you sign up, you will get access to all mSpy’s features, including the Premium options like WhatsApp or Facebook monitoring. In order to start tracking someone’s phone, you will need to install mSpy on their phone by downloading it directly to the device or synching it up remotely through iCloud.

Is mobile tracker free safe?

Most of the free spy apps or free mobile trackers turn out to be a gimmick or don’t actually work until you pay for them (if they do work at all). However, there are a lot of trustworthy tracking apps that have a free trial period or a live demo, so you can check how the software works before buying it.

How to secretly track a cell phone location for free?

Installing a tracking app on the device is the best way to track somebody’s location without them knowing. GPS tracking features are available in all mSpy’s subscriptions. With mSpy, you can view someone’s real-time location, as well as set ‘safe’ and ‘dangerous’ zones on the map to get alerted when the device is tracked in a particular location.

How to track an Android phone for free?

While mSpy isn’t free, it offers an impressive set of advanced monitoring features for a reasonable price. You also get a 30% discount for your first purchase. Just install the app on the target Android and you will be able to monitor almost every activity taking place on the device - from calls and GPS location to social messages and web browser history.

How to track an iPhone for free?

mSpy is an easy way to monitor someone’s phone. It takes less than 15 to remotely install the application to the target iPhone. You can also choose from various installation methods - from connecting the device through their iCloud to downloading the app from official stores.

Can I monitor a phone for free by its number only?

It is impossible to track anyone’s phone by phone number only. You will need to install a tracking application on the device to be able to view its activities.

Is there a good free phone tracker that I can use to track my daughter’s phone?

mSpy has a built-in GPS tracker that will update you on the device’s location and routes. The geofencing feature lets you set restrictions on the map and will send you alerts once the device is tracked in the forbidden area.

Can you monitor more than one device per subscription?

mSpy allows you to switch devices within one subscription an unlimited number of times and without any additional fees. However, if you want to monitor multiple devices at the same time, consider getting a Family Kit. That way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on all of your family members - whether it is your kids, husband or wife, grandma, or grandpa.

Access your kids’ phone activities remotely with mSpy

Explore the full potential of a parental control app.

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