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If WhatsApp is on their mobile, you need the best UK WhatsApp tracker out there.

  • View all WhatsApp messages, media files, calls
  • Monitor Facebook, Snapchat and other messengers
  • Calls, texts, media files, GPS tracking and 25 more features
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • 24/7 customer support

View call history

Check call history and find out how many calls does your child receive on Snapchat. mSpy reflects full call history in your Control Panel. Examine every call duration, time stamps and other information to prevent your kid from wasting hours on WhatsApp.

Read messages

Monitor the messages your child exchanges on WhatsApp right from your Control Panel. Timestamp, the name of the recipient and other details regarding every text will be displayed.

Check multimedia files

Get access to all photos and videos shared in WhatsApp messenger. You can find out what does your child likes and dislikes by reviewing the media they exchange with friends on WhatsApp.

Please note that you call history and multimedia files overview are available only on Android devices.

25+ useful features of mSpy surpass your wildest expectations!
How does mSpy work?
Decide on the subscription

mSpy offers three subscription packages. Decide on the one preferred and submit your order. Provide the payment and wait till system processes it. Once it is done, you will receive a welcome letter with your login credentials.

Install the software

Log in to your Control Panel using the credentials from the welcome letter. You will find installation instructions in your Panel. Follow them to install the app on the target device and set up the features. In case of any issues, feel free to contact our Customer Support.

Begin monitoring WhatsApp

Once the installation is complete, you can start tracking your child's WhatsApp account. Log in to your Control Panel to review the call history, check messages exchanged and media files shared. Please be informed that WhatsApp monitoring requires rooting your Android device.

Customer reviews

I joined mSpy after the social experiment with Coby Person, and it fits the bill. It definitely the must-have tool for all parents.

To me, the Internet is a gateway for abusers to commit different offenses against kids. My children are very small to confront the harsh reality, that's why I use mSpy as it helps me to keep them safe.

I am a single parent and having a tool like mSpy is very handy as I can always check where my kid is even if I work long hours.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but the bloody world of Social Media is perilous to stay indifferent. I use mSpy to restore peace of mind and to keep my kids safe.

Prevention is better than cure, it is a key point why I choose mSpy.











You Can Start Monitoring WhatsApp Today

How to Monitor Their WhatsApp Messages

There’s no easier way to see what they’re up to on WhatsApp than mSpy, the most preferred WhatsApp spy app in the UK.

We’ve made WhatsApp tracking easy to do. Just start by purchasing an mSpy subscription. You can choose from multiple subscription options, with each one offering a different set of features. Once you figure out what you need, just choose your subscription and pay for your order.

As soon as your payment goes through, you’ll receive a Welcome Package in your inbox. Inside, you’ll find a link to your Control Panel along with your login credentials.

Go ahead and sign in to your Control Panel using your credentials. And make sure you save them because you’ll need them to use the WhatsApp tracker app moving forward.

Inside your Control Panel, you’ll find the installation wizard. It’ll guide you through installing mSpy on a target device. Make sure you follow the guidelines for the type of device you want to use WhatsApp tracking on. Remember, there are options for Android and iOS.

Once everything’s installed on the target device, you’ll be able to monitor their WhatsApp from your control panel, no matter where in the UK you happen to be.

What You Need to See Their WhatsApp History

mSpy works through the air, magically sending what’s on their device to your mSpy account without the need for a wired connection. But their device does need to be connected to the Internet in order to send the data to your mSpy Control Panel.

So, if they use their device without an Internet connection, you won’t be able to see the conversations they’re having. But since WhatsApp requires an Internet connection to work, you shouldn’t have to worry.

They Won’t Know You Want to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

Worried that they’ll be able to see you’re using a WhatsApp tracker? Don’t sweat it. With mSpy, you can hide the mSpy app from their mobile, so they won’t have a clue that you’re using an app to track WhatsApp messages. mSpy works in hidden mode, no matter what UK mobile carrier they’re with. That means that the app will be invisible on their mobile home screen.

An easy way to track calls

WhatsApp isn’t just used to replace SMS conversations. It’s also used widely in the UK for audio and video chats.

When you open a conversation window in WhatsApp, you’ll see little phone and video icons at the top of the screen. Tapping those initiates a voice and audio call. It’s perfect for those who don’t want any written trace of their conversations, and it’s used a lot in the UK for those who don’t want to pay extra long distance charges when chatting with other Europeans.

With a spy WhatsApp service like mSpy, you’ll be able to see the conversations they’re having on WhatsApp, however they’re having them.

See their photos and videos too

Lots of people in the UK use WhatsApp to send pics and videos. In fact, people often turn to WhatsApp to send pics and videos because it’s much speedier than sending them my SMS or MMS.

Wondering what kind of visuals they’re sharing? You can find out with a WhatsApp tracker like mSpy. It shows you the photos and videos they’ve sent and received via WhatsApp, so you can monitor their chats and ensure they’re not sharing anything too controversial.

Spying on WhatsApp Messages: Possible or Not?

WhatsApp bills itself as incredibly secure. Sure, it’s not as secure as competing encrypted chat apps, but it’s not easy to hack. So, is WhatsApp spy software actually real? It absolutely is. With mSpy, you can see the conversations they’re having with friends, family, new acquaintances, and strangers.

Just install mSpy on any UK mobile, log in to your Control Panel, and see everything they’ve said through WhatsApp. Even deleted messages.

Why You Should Check Others’ WhatsApp History

Using a WhatsApp tracker isn’t about spying for the sake of spying. It’s about keeping your loved ones safe from dangers that plague people in the UK. We’re talking about things like sexting and cyberbullying.

Are they sending messages through WhatsApp that are inappropriate for their age, like sexual photos or videos? With a WhatsApp spy app, it’s easy to find out. mSpy, for example, let’s you see the pictures and videos they’re sharing with others.

And by reviewing their chat history, you can make sure the conversations they’re having are safe and suitable for their age.

But it’s not entirely about sexting. Cyberbullying is a big problem in the UK. When you spy on WhatsApp messages, you can find out if they’re being cyberbullied by their peers (or know if they’re doing a little cyberbullying of their own). Whatever you find out by using a WhatsApp tracker app, you’ll gain peace of mind.

Stop Other Hidden WhatsApp Dangers in Their Tracks

Did you know you can send anyone a WhatsApp message? It’s true. You can send random messages to anyone, just by punching in a phone number.

Some people don’t understand the dangers of the Internet and will respond to unsolicited messages. These messages could be from creeps trying to gain sexually explicit pics and videos from them. Or they can be scammers trying to steal their money.

With WhatsApp tracking, you can spot these types of messages and put a stop to them.

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