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25% of all children in Britain have been contacted by a stranger online, and one child in every primary school classroom in the UK has got a nude or semi-nude picture from an adult. Do you know what your child is doing online?

Be 100% sure your child is safe online by:
  • Monitoring sites, platforms, social media they visit
  • Checking web searches
  • Viewing installed apps leading online
What is the mSpy parental control app?

mSpy is an all-in-one parental control app for mobile phones that enables parents to monitor and regulate their child's online activity; check on them remotely with the GPS location tracking and geo-fencing; view call logs, text messages, and multimedia files. It's a powerful assistive tool in parents' everyday life.

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experts reviews

“mSpy is specially created for parents and guardians to ensure their kids are safe and won't fall victim to online harassment. They do their best to become the best parental control app available globally.”

The Next Web

“Having over 1.000.000 customers worldwide, mSpy provides both high-quality product and service, which makes it one of the best parental control apps on the market these days.”

“mSpy is user-friendly and has all needed features for advanced monitoring.”

The Times
Customer reviews

I joined mSpy after the social experiment with Coby Person, and it fits the bill. It definitely the must-have tool for all parents.

To me, the Internet is a gateway for abusers to commit different offenses against kids. My children are very small to confront the harsh reality, that's why I use mSpy as it helps me to keep them safe.

I am a single parent and having a tool like mSpy is very handy as I can always check where my kid is even if I work long hours.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but the bloody world of Social Media is perilous to stay indifferent. I use mSpy to restore peace of mind and to keep my kids safe.

Prevention is better than cure, it is a key point why I choose mSpy.











Discover the benefits of using the ultimate parental control software

When you go to the mSpy parental control official site for the first time and make up your mind to purchase it, pay attention to the compatibility. Check whether the target device runs iOS 7.0 and the latest or Android 4.0 and up. Also, be specific about your needs. Although the mSpy parental control software provides 30 monitoring features, you might want only a few from the list.

The mSpy support once has been contacted by a mother of a 16-year-old teen who'd been dating with a 22-year-old lady. She just wanted to know the nature of their communication. So, monitoring instant messengers made sense most of all for her. This feature is available in the Premium and No-jailbreak packages. mSpy is the iPhone and Android parental control software so the two packages mentioned above can be used on both operating systems.

Know your need before picking a specific package of the mSpy parental control software.

Think of all the angles under which you might be using the parental control software. Perhaps, you have a rebellious teenager in the house and you need to keep a strict eye on him. The geo-fencing and the GPS location tracking might come in handy. Or, you have older parents and you're always anxious about their whereabouts. This suggestion was actually communicated by the mSpy support as well. They have had a customer who used the parental control software to track older parents. The app happened to be very useful since he was able to check on parents remotely and keep on working without worries. It allowed him to react in time when they needed his son to pick them up. In a nutshell, mSpy is an ideal parental control app for Android devices and an iPhone and meets the needs of any household.

How the mSpy parental control software works from an operational point of view?

After a customer got the payment confirmation, they immediately receive a welcome letter to the email address they indicated during the registration. They also get the credentials to the mSpy parental control account, where they find the Control Panel. The latter displays the list of features customers can monitor according to the package they chose previously. Let's take the Premium package to understand how it works.

A customer accesses the Control Panel and sees the whole set of features. They click on Facebook Tracking and see the textual content as well as shared multimedia files like photos and videos. The mSpy parental control app always adds timestamps to their features. The team is convinced that knowing the precise time and duration of calls, text messages, iMessages, relocations might be helpful. Parents need not just monitoring but making some conclusions, retrieving regularities to correct their parental style.

Your teen is growing up too fast, and you do not manage to keep up? It turned out your son had already a Tinder account? With the mSpy parental control software, parents can view Tinder accounts.

The mSpy parental control app offers a solid range of features.

Let's overview the entire set of mSpy features. With the mSpy parental control app for an iPhone, you can view WhatsApp chats, text messages, call logs, people from a phone book, calendar activities, installed applications, and web history.

Android parental controls are always more "stuffed" with features. Thus, the mSpy parental control app for Android grants such features: instant messengers (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Line, Viber, Telegram, etc.), Keylogger and Keyword alerts, apps monitoring and blocking, call controller app, texts monitoring, GPS tracking, geo-fencing, multimedia files monitoring, web history and bookmarks, besides other assistive features like Wi-Fi networks, uninstall alerts, etc. As you can see, mSpy parental control software is indispensable in parenting.

If you're a novice in technology, mSpy makes sure you're not left out.

If you're a newbie in technology at all and in apps particularly, mSpy understands it. That's why it offers two kinds of support. When accessing the mSpy account, on your right, you'll see Get Live Assistance. You can get a phone support service. Over 15 specialists are available to walk you through the whole process from the very beginning. There's also an extended option called mAssistance. The latter performs more specific issues that seem unsolvable to a customer. For example, a target device needs rooting. If they cannot do it on their own - the staff from support will do it.

If you still think whether you should use the mSpy parental control app or not, just give it a try with Basic, and you'll see how much it is a perfect solution for modern parents. Why? mSpy helps parents combine effective parenting with work, occupations, other interests - and this is the app's undeniable asset.

Get to know how the parental control app for Android devices protects your child

Do you know what it means to be a helicopter parent? You always in a rush, trying to cope with parental routines and work to provide to your family. You're on the lookout constantly and stressed out when it comes down to your child's safety. Here's a news flash: it's never impossible to get rid of these feelings - it's like stop being a mother or father. But nowadays there are ideal tools, assistive and super helpful, allowing parents to focus on more significant things. One of them is the mSpy parental control app for Android. As per the mSpy staff's experience, when families start using the app, it's a game-changer for the whole family.

mSpy parental control software brings your child back from screen binge-watch.

Parents say that the mSpy parental control app is very helpful when it's about limiting screen time. Smartphone addiction became a problem nowadays. In London, the National Health Service contributed to the creation of an internet addiction centre for youngsters and adults. One of the reasons was the WHO's classification of gaming disorder as a mental illness. The institution will primarily concentrate its activity on gaming addiction and will further provide solutions to other internet-related addictions. Besides treating and restoring children, youngsters, and adults, it will do relevant researches and offer consultancy services to families. The mSpy parental control app helps parents regulate screen time by limiting access to applications and sites.

Another prominent app will make you love the mSpy parental control app.

Blocking websites is worth being outlined. After logging in the mSpy account, you'll see Block Websites. mSpy recommends checking first the web history and get some regularities before using this feature. Parents need to know what went beyond normal and which sites are really lewd. After identifying them, they can block.

Have you ever faced the situation when your child wakes up sleepy? It looks like they've been working the whole night. Perhaps, they've been playing online games or apps. By doing it every single day, they become sleep deprived and have performance issues at school. So, restricting access to some apps on the device becomes a necessity.

The mSpy parental control software is powerful thanks to its filtering nature. The combination of web history, keylogger, keywords alerts, and bookmarks provides such a detailed picture of how a child actually uses the Internet. The purpose clears up. The most interesting thing is to get to know who exactly your child gets interested in.

A mother of a teenager might know if their beloved one has a crush already and if their relationship is safe; parents of tweens may check whether they hit an online predator and are going to meet up in person; an adult son wants to supervise older parents to help them in time. To sum up, in the realities of modern online risks the mSpy parental control software for Android becomes a must-have.

Cyber dangers threaten your child's safety: get to know them!

mSpy was born in 2010 to help parents keep tabs on children. First, it was just text messages and the GPS location monitoring. As far as online dangers were evolving undermining children's safety and sanity, as the team felt the need to work out new features. Step by step, it's been developing and growing into the best Android parental control app on the monitoring market. Moreover, it became sort of a stronghold in the niche. It's worthwhile to mention that the mSpy biggest asset is the practical experience with customers. To make it short, mSpy develops to the extent that customers' needs change and evolve. It is tightly connected to online risks. Here's the list of some:

  1. Cyberbullying - Bullying migrated to the Internet where it became more reachable to the target. Furthermore, it has a "bubble effect". It means when one kid insults another on social media, others catch up as well. As a result, a kid has a negative informational environment around them. It affects their self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Contacts with child groomers - The team has already described the potential danger for the UK children. It also recommends reading true stories to know how they lure children into a meeting and what online channel they pick for that. The social media the most known as platforms for child abusers are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. They all have messengers these people use to get in touch with kids. So, parents should monitor social media messengers.
  3. Dangerous online challenges - There are plenty of them. They evolve, modify, and become more and more tricky. The common thing is that they openly harm children. For example, one of them requires inhaling ginger powder; another one - rubbing alcohols and set yourself on fire. Why would kids do that? The mandatory requirement is to film or take a picture of the process to post on social media. Children look for more likes, positive comments - sort of online recognition among peers. So, they get into even knowing it's dangerous, and get hurt. This is the price of being popular among mates. Meanwhile, parents can identify such risky activities by monitoring their child's Android device. The mSpy parental control app for Android devices delivers evidence of such interests.
  4. Sexting
  5. - This is a blend word of sex and texting. The quarter of the UK children has ever got messages with sexual content. They come from social media mostly because it's the easiest way to hide your identity. There were notorious cases when abusers created profiles with cute faces as the main photo and befriended kids. After a while of communication, they meet in person.

These are only a few risks coming up with Internet use. At present, parents shouldn't let children surf uncontrollably. This is where the mSpy parental control app comes in handy.

Explore more about parental controls for an iPhone

The mSpy app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, if you want to use parental control for an iPhone, you need to know that mSpy requires parents to know the iCloud credentials. The latter has to be activated. Also, parents need to have physical access if a monitored iPhone has a 2-step verification. Therefore, before purchasing the mSpy parental control app, parents should consider this prerequisite. Let's overview the features mSpy provides for iPhones:

  1. Monitoring WhatsApp messages - This channel is widely used by adults as well as by teenagers. If to categorize users, in the UK, 66% of mothers use WhatsApp. The messaging app is also supervised by employers, which is approved by the European law about monitoring.
  2. Reading text messages and iMessages - The mSpy iPhone parental monitoring app delivers the textual content to the Control Panel. Customers can view multimedia files.
  3. Viewing call logs - Calls speak volume. This opportunity shouldn't be neglected if you want to know better your child. Moreover, learning timestamps might be insightful. Also, mSpy enables parents to view Contact List.
  4. Looking through events in the calendar - At a certain age, teenagers become isolated and secretive. They do not open up about things in their life. So, monitoring the calendar in their device might help understand what they are going through at this particular moment of life.
  5. Viewing installed applications - As it was mentioned above, when a parent knows which application consumes the child's time, they can modify their parental style wisely. Blocking apps is a powerful feature mSpy provides to the UK parents.
  6. Checking Website History - This is such a great capacity every single iPhone might have. That way, with the mSpy parental control app parents are always aware of what their children are doing online and stay calm since they know everything.

This is a short overview of all the benefits parents can have from using mSpy which is proved to be the best iPhone parental control app.

Read another angle of the best free parental control app for Android devices

The mSpy parental control software anticipated much more for Android devices. Most of all, Android devices can get an advantage of the entire set of mSpy features. With 30 monitoring capacities at parents' disposal, it's possible to solve crucial child-related issues.

  1. Parents can adopt "media time" policy. If they decide that one hour per day is enough for children to go online, they have a practical tool to follow this rule in their everyday life.
  2. Parents limit device usage. Even if children do not surf the Internet, they play games. It grows into an overuse, which is a common practice among teenagers.
  3. Parents can track content and YouTube consumption. YouTube became the number one channel that "feeds" teens' mind nowadays. Parents can block this app on their child's device.
  4. Parents get to know their child's attitude toward social media, live streaming, and gaming. By monitoring, they are aware whether social media harm them; whether they practice live streaming and in which activity (live streaming is a requirement in many dark online games); whether they game-addicted (which is also widely spread among children).
  5. Parents can control advertising consumption. At present, the porn industry invests in advertising immensely. As a result, sexual ad pop-ups may show up in the middle of the cartoon. Parents should control these things as well.
  6. Parents can prevent risky behavior and negative experiences. These terms mean participating in activities which potentially can result in damages, injuries, and even death. The negative experience may be the result of contacts with online predators, thieves, and other abusers.

The list of dangers is not complete, but there's a tremendous opportunity for parents nowadays to protect their children in the realities of harsh Internet threats. Thus, the mSpy parental control software is a sound solution in this regard. Give it a shot to understand whether it is helpful in your particular situation.

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